Arno Bornkamp (Holland)

Dutch saxophonist, archetype of the modern virtuoso, feeling equally at home in traditional and contemporary repertoire.

Renowned teacher, leading an international saxophone class at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Member of two groups: the Aurelia Saxophone Quartet and his duo with pianist Ivo Janssen.

Additionally Bornkamp has takes part in unique ensemble: Clazz Ensemble, made up of musicians from both the Jazz and Classical worlds. Arno Bornkamp's many activities  (including concerts, festivals, masterclasses, lectures) have taken him to many countries in Europe, the USA, Japan and South America.

Being one of the important personalities of saxophone in the world, Bornkamp has taken the initiative to create SAX14, a huge, multidisciplinary saxophone-festival in Amsterdam in November 2014, celebrating the 200th birthday of Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the saxophone.

00016.12.2014, 526 просмотров.

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